Problems we can solve there seem to be an insurmountable number of problems that exist in the world today including but not limited to destruction of the planet nuclear power exists in the command of some very pugnacious individuals and nations we have wars and rumors of wars we’re still trying to recover and manage the impact of ongoing International virus crisis there’s instability in Commerce uncertainty of global currency markets just the name of you beautifully understand the issues or have any real solutions however there are issues right here at home in the United States that we can understand and more importantly that we can solve the problem specific to this request is that of veteran homelessness I’m coach Alvin Douglas McFarland service disabled Vietnam Veteran United States Navy my role is executive director of non-profit 501 C3 honor to our hero foundation mandates a solution to the problem of veteran homelessness and the solutions require your help we are on mission to end veteran homelessness in America and with your support we can provide opportunity for adequate housing and essential support service for all of our veterans there are a number of community-based organizations available who are willing to be the boots on the ground to do the heavy lifting However they all suffer from the same critical need for funding we have a detailed and verifiable plan that will fulfill this need for funding these organizations will also fulfill the need for consumers and more importantly will promote one of the most powerful and effective advertising tools available word-of-mouth your benefit will come from participating in solving a national crisis our ask is simply to do business with you our product offers coffee our brand is hot coffee honor our troops our bottle water brand is H20H honor to our heroes both trademark brands immediately identified with values rooted and presented in our American Flag

We witnessed homeless veterans on highway exits and street corners every day we all understand the need to fix the problem and America will support the mission generously will your participation in this campaign affect your daily store operations and corporate goals the short answers no However a closer evaluation will reveal enormous benefits to you and your company Your responsibility to your shareholders is to maximize profits in your responsibility to humanity your customers and your community your mandate is to make a positive contribution your CSR policy goals your return on community investments are generally achieved the visual andrelateable campaigns supporting our veteranssitional and relatible decisions to achieve your corporate goals begin and end with you you can make the mission to support our veterans a reality for tens of thousands choosing to support this mission is easy to understand We have discovered however initiation requires executive management authority If you agree with the mission and understand the plan take a few minutes to instruct your category managers and distribution channels to make contact with us to start the campaign engines moderate contact call or text 636634112 or via email that at H20H dog US that’s vet VET at H the number to you can also visit us on the web at W.end veteran thank you for your time may God continue to bless you
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Chief Executive Officer Challenge:
If you accept this challenge, please instruct the designated department personnel to contact me on cell 314-458-7585, call or text, or via email on I hope to hear from you soon.
May God continue to bless you!!
Respectfully – Coach Elvin Douglas McFarlin
Service-disabled Vietnam Veteran United States Navy

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